shattered dreamscape

Train station-Beufort, KA

a quiet night ruined

A train rolls in from the west, the rumble of it’s massive engines slowly subsiding as it pulls to a stop at the single platform in this dismal town. Passengers rarely debark here, so there isn’t a crowd gathered to greet loved ones. Branden Trask, the night manager is on duty at a small desk, writing absent and convoluted thoughts he eventually intends to turn into a novel. The doors of the train hiss open, he sighs and stands up, brushing doughnut crumbs from his uniform and taking a quick gulp of tepid coffee. Expecting an engineer to debark in search of drink, he’s startled to see a small boy brandishing a wooden blade jump out of the door at a run. The boy seems harried, and is wearing a grey cape with a strange red and brown pattern splashed across… “Run!” the boy shouts as he bolts past. “Wha?” is Branden’s genius reply

The boy hears the man’s screaming as he continues toward the exit.



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